This easy air fryer incredibly hot puppy recipe is a delectable must-try for summer months

You will find anything idyllic about warm canine in the summertime. It is really the simplest food and it generally will work, regardless of whether it is really from the grill, on the boardwalk, or at a ballgame. Never check with me how or why, but scorching puppies simply just hit otherwise in the summer. They are intended to be appreciated when the temperature is good.

But here’s a tiny solution: You don’t have to have to fire up the grill to have a delectable warm dog this summer time. You can make a great pet dog in the air fryer in just eight minutes. In addition, you can make a spicy topping at about that time as effectively, if you’re like me and want your food to have a bit of heat.


The ideal air fryers for creating crispy foodstuff speedier than the oven

This is what you need to know about the recipe.


  • 4 very hot dogs (or as a lot of as you like)

  • 4 warm pet buns (or as several as you will need)

  • 1 jalapeño (optional, for spicy topping)

  • 50 percent of a small white onion, diced extremely finely (optional)


  1. Lay your incredibly hot canine out on a cutting board in a row. Making use of a knife, thoroughly rating the scorching canine on the diagonal. Do not reduce by way of the canine. Make only a shallow slice.

  2. Flip the canine about. Using a knife, rating the very hot dogs in the opposite course.

  3. Preheat the air fryer to 350 degrees Fahrenheit with 8 minutes of cook dinner time. Toss your buns in the air fryer basket as it preheats so they toast as you wait.

  4. When the air fryer has preheated, take out the buns.

  5. Put your hot dogs and the complete jalapeño in the air fryer. Cook dinner for about eight minutes.

  6. Though that cooks, dice the onion as finely as possible.

  7. As soon as the hot canine are performed — you can cook for significantly less or extra time, relying on how crisp you like them — spot each and every connection in a bun.

  8. At the time the jalapeño has cooled adequate to contact it, dice it to about the exact size as the onion. If you like spice, maintain the seeds, if not, discard them. Blend the onion with the jalapeño, then use it to leading the scorching dogs. Add any other condiments you like and enjoy!

The facts

This is a wildly very simple recipe. I’d like to see a person mess it up. I feel it is really extremely hard. Because even if you make a slip-up, cooking a scorching canine basically quantities to cooking it to your sought after crispness. And the air fryer heats so very well that you may just about assuredly get a good, crispy end result.

Very seriously, with about ten minutes and a few knife capabilities, you will find treasured small to mess up. Scoring the sizzling doggy can appear to be pointless, at to start with. And technically it truly is not anything you have to do. I just like the consequence far better simply because the incredibly hot puppy expands and crisps even further when it truly is scored — the additional floor area receives pleasant and charred. Scoring is simple, after you have completed it. This is how it appeared as I scored my scorching canines.

Slice into the very hot dog but not by it.
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At the time that system is completed, it really is as straightforward as tossing things in the air fryer. My favored trick I have arrive up with in the air fryer is to toast any form of bread as you preheat. So make sure you do that with the buns. It usually takes small work but final results in a improved general item — toasted buns are outstanding to smooshy, comfortable buns — and I have found, at the very least in my air fryer, that the preheat is the fantastic length of time for toasting.

Then you dice some onions, dice some roasted jalapeños, and bam, you’ve got acquired some sizzling pet dogs that are juicy, tasty, and a very little spicy.

jalapeños being chopped

Jalapeños, normally a good notion.,
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It’s a very quick recipe, kicked up just a minor bit the jalapeño addition. This is how my closing products looked.

cooked hot dogs in buns with jalapeño topping

Not bad, right?
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Is this as fantastic as a grilled dog? Honestly, I assume so. At the very least if you happen to be utilizing a gasoline grill. I do like the taste of charcoal, but it seems like a heck of a good deal of do the job to light a charcoal fireplace for a couple sizzling pet dogs. Gas grills, meanwhile, you should not increase any taste and the end result would be as excellent although necessitating much more function.

So up coming time you sense like owning a barbecue, I say help save the space on the grill for other products, just air fry your sizzling canine.