The solution is the mystery recipe!

I grew up at Gbegbeyise, a little town in the outskirts of Dansoman. In our tiny vicinity was a banku vendor who was identified to have offered the greatest banku.

People travelled from much and close to to get her food items correct from late afternoon into the deep evening.
It was even rumored her food stuff offered that substantially for the reason that of some “juju” she employed. Her customers just could not have sufficient of that famed banku.

It was not right up until later when we experienced grown up that we all understood what definitely her “juju” was that produced her buyers keep coming back to her. It was how soft her banku was. It was how nutritiously garnished and tasty her soups had been.

There was some thing about her food items that made it stand out from the full bunch. That was her secret― her key recipe!
I was not too long ago possessing a dialogue on makes with my close friend, Ama Buatsin, whose startup, Cookies and Crumbs (check out it out on social media), is into bakery of banana cakes, cookies and several other edibles.

Drawing inspiration from the higher than tale, I asked her if she had at any time wondered why someone will generate all the way to KFC when they could get jollof and fried rooster across the avenue. The explanation was in the key recipe that created KFC goods style the way they do!

Just about every model (irrespective of whether significant or modest) that turns into your initial selection of a product or service has a secret recipe you may possibly hardly ever know or have not even thought about.

There’s something they deliberately do every single working day to make them stand out of the whole whole lot. They have a key that would make them exceptionally unique from their competitors.

Coke has a magic formula recipe that makes it style the way it does. This recipe is what its overwhelming sales hinges on. Several drinks may well want to style like it but under no circumstances can.

Apple has a mystery recipe. That is what tends to make it stand out from an Infinix and that’s why practically all people would not head marketing their brains to get an Iphone. The solution is in the top secret recipe!

Each individual getting on earth is a model. Every single career you are engaged in is a product/company which demands to market. Solution recipes, as a result, are not a issue for only the Samsungs, Hisenses amongst other individuals.

Most people demands a top secret recipe to be a big amid their competitors. This key recipe lies in how diverse we are from all the other individuals and how this variation will make us stand tall.

If you are a preacher, you are a brand name just like each and every other profession. Each and every profession will come as a brand, so, behooves on us to address it as these types of.

 The key recipe is how we uniquely fulfill the needs of our buyers. It is the long lasting expertise we give to folks who get exposed to our goods/services. The good price and taste our brand presents to those who patronise it is the reason they can’t cease telling other folks about us. In daily life, we can only stand tall when we stand out. Mixing in is the easiest way to bow out!

Each moment I set out to generate a participate in, I, initially of all, question myself how exceptional it is going to be from the other folks. If it is just yet another of the lots of, it is better not published since the planet celebrates innovations, not clones. The planet celebrates uniqueness, not signing up for in the queue of developments.

Be intentionally distinctive. Make an intentional energy to have products/solutions that flavor fairly in a different way from all those that now exist. Be diligently outstanding at what you do so that you turn into the very first option of a product or service/support.

Your solutions ought to brighten the world of your customers. They must maintain them inquiring for extra due to the fact they have hardly ever tasted this kind of any where in advance of. Which is the power of a top secret recipe!

Success is intentional. It is not some fluke. If you see a guy whose achievements has stood the check of time, it is achievement that has continually been constructed more than time.

The secret to your success is how you are likely to explore a recipe only you will be a learn of. The accomplishment magic formula is in that magic formula recipe.

Each individual day you wake up in the early morning, know that you are a model. Be preoccupied with how to make this brand name stand out. Irrespective of whether you know it or not, there is anything you are consciously or unconsciously offering.

How you uniquely meet the requires of other folks is why they will by no means get fed up with you. You really do not will need voodoo. All you need to have is a top secret recipe!

Questioning why you are looking through this piece and not one thing else at this stage in time? Well, phone it my key recipe. Haha.


The author is a playwright and Chief Scribe of Scribe Communications, an Accra-dependent writing firm (