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Sarita Oglebay began compiling recipes in the early 1900s for the domestic she would eventually share with then-mystery-fiance Courtney Burton. The recipes — some handwritten and others typed — filled an address guide. That book and a journal retained by Sarita near the time of their eventual marriage in 1912 are portion of the collections at the Oglebay Mansion Museum.


WHEELING — It wouldn’t have been uncommon for a girl ofSarita Oglebay’s relationship-suitable age and uppercrust station to be dreaming up the information of an elaborate family of her very own. But, a smaller selection of recipes assembled in the early 1900s by the daughter of transport magnate Earl Oglebay hints at a bit of plotting.

For one detail, Sarita was, at the time, in the many years-lengthy course of action of getting to be secretly engaged to Courtney Burton — a younger male who did not originally come across favor with her father. (The few married in 1912 and experienced 1 son prior to Burton succumbed to the so-named Spanish flu pandemic in 1919.)

For a further, the recipes are tucked into a repurposed tackle book whose lettered divisions are fortunately dismissed in favor of grouping meals by program. Some of the substances are created in Sarita’s minimalist cursive — number of thrives are to be noticed. Some are typed.

“I ponder if she realized how to kind?” pondered Kara Yenkevich, curator of collections for the Museums of Oglebay Institute. “It’s identified that Earl Oglebay experienced a typewriter. There are typed paperwork from that time.”

When it is possible Sarita — surreptitiously or not — did form the cards, Yenkevich noted the family’s prosperity meant that and menu organizing would likely have been as considerably as her link to the recipes would have long gone.

“She definitely wouldn’t have been cooking them herself, but she observed recipes for other individuals to cook,” Yenkevich stated. “She was escalating up, viewing her mom do that working of the house and the kitchen area, and I’m absolutely sure as she was studying, she assumed, ‘That appears delicious,’ the exact same way we do now.”

SOUP System

Whenever and by whomever the recipes were being truly ready, Yenkevich claimed it is essential to maintain them in context.

The Oglebays ate even their family members foods in programs shipped to the table by domestic staff members. (When paying out summers in Wheeling, this would have intended a shorter wander from the mansion’s kitchen area — which was plumbed for h2o and fuel and was electrified offered Earl Oglebay’s penchant for tech of the working day — to the practically adjacent household dining room.)

She noted Sarita’s cookbook tends to be a bit heavy on the sweets and pastries side of matters, but there are also a handful of recipes for the soup program. Served as an early part of the food — as an appetizer, normally immediately after a salad or cold dish — Yenkevich mentioned soup would have been served in controlled portions to protect diners’ appetites for courses that would comply with.

Interestingly, for all the wealth the Oglebays had, the soups are remarkably easy in contrast to today’s hearty drop and winter season fare that generally offers soup as a most important dish.

Yenkevich claimed this may well be because recipes that appeared in nationwide publications would have experienced to have been limited to ingredients that could be broadly located. Also, she pointed out, immigrants notably proficient in the art of spicing — this kind of as a wave of 4 million Italians that arrived all-around the transform of the 20th century — had nevertheless to arrive on the culinary scene.

“Complexity saved on heading up as we discovered a lot more and as points turned more global,” Yenkevich said of salt and pepper practically standing by itself in the substances lists.

Even nevertheless, Sarita’s kind-of-solution recipes make it probable for inclined readers to at minimum ponder a food suit for Wheeling’s closest factor to a royal. Listed here are three, in Sarita’s correct words, from her assortment:

Clear Soup.

Put bone and meat in chilly h2o with salt. Allow stand for 1 ½ hrs. Then boil all working day — bit by bit. ¾ of an hour just before getting off (heat), fry greens and put in inventory. Pressure and permit stand overnight. Strain through cheesecloth — let stand and skim off excess fat and settle with white of egg.

Mrs. Muvells (title unsure)

(Note that present day food security requirements would allow the soup stand right away in the refrigerator relatively than on a counter. And, some modern day cooks would not use an unpasteurized egg white devoid of reheating the stock for the exact reason.)

Mushroom Soup.

½ lb. clean mushrooms

2 tablespoons butter

1 teaspoonful salt

1 saltspoonful pepper

1 quart of milk

1 tablespoon cornstarch

yokes (sic) of 2 eggs

Clean and chop good ½ lb. of new mushrooms. Place into a saucepan with butter, salt, pepper deal with and simmer carefully for 20 minutes. Incorporate milk and carry to boiling place insert cornstarch that has been moistened in two tablespoons of chilly milk. Stir till soup is a little thick. Press by a sieve return to the fire and insert yolks of two eggs. When scorching it is completely ready to serve.

Daisy Ricks.

July 8, 1905

Gumbo Soup.

Just take a yr previous hen lower in parts and fry. Just after using out the rooster, fry two sliced tomatoes. Put in a soup kettle and include 6 quarts of drinking water. Boil until finally meat falls from bones. Choose out skin and bones. Set meat picked in small parts back again in soup. Incorporate a person can of gumbo sliced* 1 small pepper and salt to period. Cook dinner for one hour. Have boiled rice ready to provide in a different dish.

B. King.

New Orleans Recipe.

*Although canned products were broadly offered in the early 1900s, it is unclear even immediately after investigation, what kind of canned gumbo item could have been sliced. A single probability is okra — which would have been offered in dried sort at the time.


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