How to Survive Pasco’s Fiery Food Competition with Spice Hacks

Fiery Food items Festival normally takes around Downtown Pasco this Saturday, September 10th, from 3 pm to 7 pm. And I know you appreciate fiery foods, since you might be reading this post. I like spicy food stuff, way too. But if you’re heading to the Fiery Food Festival, it truly is critical to know how to put out the fire, since… Perfectly, let’s experience it – in some cases it truly is too considerably. And who desires to feel like they’re melting from the within out?

Your instinct will be to access for a glass of water. Very well-intentioned people today, observing your eyes drinking water like Multnomah Falls, may give you a glass of water.

But h2o will not assist. In truth, water will make that fiery food stuff really feel even hotter!

So what will support you squash that raging fireplace in your mouth? Get a pen and paper (or just choose a display-shot), simply because what follows are your Fiery Foods Festival Survival Guidelines. 5 spice hacks to aid place out the hearth.

The Milk Medicine

Milk is the surefire magic elixir that will extinguish your mouth-hearth quickly. Which is terrific, if you really don’t brain obtaining milk breath.

The Bread Balm

Bread will grab and absorb people fiery spices from the roof of your mouth, cooling you down fast. Actually, any starch will do: potatoes, rice… But bread is easy, effective, and typically nearby.

The Sugar Resolution

A teaspoon of honey or a cube of sugar can soak up people stray spices whilst delivering far more delectable taste.

The Fruit Fix

This is some science for you: alkaline foodstuff like oranges, lemons, pineapples and tomatoes (of course, it is really a fruit) can neutralize the acidity of your spice.

The Craft Beer Cleanser

Pilsners, lagers, and ambers – beers with extra malt than hops – are superb at taming fiery food items. IPAs will only convert up the heat.

Now You’re Prepared to Feast on Fiery Food stuff

So take pleasure in the Fiery Foodstuff Fest this Saturday. And if you obtain oneself in the Warm Pepper Consuming Contest (Brought to you by Tres Pueblos) at 4pm, now you know how to bring your temperature back down yet again.

Fiery Food Fest will have a Fiery Farmers Market place, salsa tasting, Celeb Pepper Gauntlet, and a number of food stuff vendors, along with a beer backyard, and stay music. Go have entertaining!

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