How to consume rice with no getting bodyweight?

When we imagine of comfort food stuff, our mind halts at ‘garma garam’ dal chawal. The aroma of Basmati is enough to evoke our starvation and established our mouths watering. Rice is a wonderful grain and is one particular of the most cultivated crops in India and that is why it is a staple foods in just about all pieces of India. However, with the overall health and eating plan shift in direction of gluten-no cost and healthier grain alternate options, rice has missing its lustre. Persons steer clear of rice contemplating that it will add pounds to their bodies. But,that’s a trend due to the fact some nutritionists and dietitians beg to vary. They say 1 can eat rice devoid of gaining weight but with a little tug and pull.

Health Photographs spoke to Surbhi Aggarwal, way of life administration coach and dietitian, who laid out many methods to consume rice without having stressing about the inches on your waistline.

Aggarwal says, “Rice is one particular of the most energy dense foodstuff and is an economical solution amid grains. It is easy to cook and has a great style when blended with any curry or vegetables. In the diet regime sector, rice has a poor standing thanks to its quick release of carbohydrates. Hence, it raises blood sugar quickly and helps make a individual hungry more quickly. But the real truth is that rice is a wonderful possibility when it comes to a gluten free of charge, cholesterol totally free, extra fat absolutely free food plan.”

If that has shocked you and left you in guilt of quitting rice. It’s time for resurrection. Indulge in your Rajma rice, chhole chawal but with some warning.

Detailed beneath are 5 strategies to take in rice without the need of getting body weight:

1. More curry, considerably less rice

When you are ingesting rice but never want to close up bloated and thick, the critical is to exercise the 1/3 rule. There is a well balanced way of taking in rice in which a part is eaten with 1 portion of curries or dal and 1 portion of veggies or salad. This aids you continue to be fuller for for a longer time and presents you a excellent amount of fiber far too.

Yes, you can eat rice without the need of gaining bodyweight! Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Kudos to khichdi

When rice is combined with any dal or lentil, it gets a complete protein wealthy food which incorporates all 9 crucial amino acids. That is why khichdi is hailed as an Indian superfood. Make khichdi often and love it with a portion of your favourite raita, pickle, ghee and salad.

3. Pick Basmati

The Indian Basmati wide variety is not only aromatic but is a godsend for diabetics who can’t retain absent from rice. Adhere to one cup of it and do not take in it in excessive as it spikes blood sugar and creates starvation pangs a lot quicker. The finest way to consume rice is to include things like superior sources of fibre like beans and salads when having rice as fibre prevents blood sugar from spiking suddenly.

4. Try to eat in a bowl

Anytime you’re having rice, serve it in a compact bowl instead than a thali. It will avoid you from overindulging. Taking in in a compact bowl does not signify you can consider a lot more servings of it. Hold your spoon, women, if you want to try to eat rice without attaining fat.

5. Portion regulate

Aggarwal instructed Health Shots that 1 can try to eat rice in each individual food. If this produced you gasp with shock or designed your eyes twinkle a little bit, read on. “One must adhere to part handle even when you are consuming rice in just about every meal. It is the only way to consume rice without attaining body weight,” she provides.

brown rice or red rice
Red rice preferences a ton improved, and comes with bigger dietary values and has inflammatory gains. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Be sure to remember not to discard the h2o in which rice is boiled as the h2o has a major component of the nutritional vitamins and minerals advantageous for the physique.

Below are some lesser known added benefits of rice:

  1. Opt for an unpolished edition. The Indian vegetarian diet regime is not that loaded in vitamin B but unpolished rice is 1 of the richest sources of Vitamin B and also includes folic acid, selenium, magnesium.
  2. Individuals also consume rice in the form of Kanji, a fermented probiotic consume. It is an inexpensive and exceptional food stuff for the intestine and excellent skin.
  3. “There are varieties of rice present in India, particularly black rice which is superior in anti-oxidants, brown rice which is superior in fibre, and pink rice which is used in the anti most cancers eating plan for its anti inflammatory houses,” states Aggarwal.