If you thought Starbucks was the only coffee conglomerate with a secret menu, then have another cuppa joe and think again. Dutch Bros—a popular drive-thru coffee chain with more than 700 locations throughout the U.S.—may be known for their café, but they’ve also got a covert menu that’s off-the-beaten-order. And it may just put Starbucks to shame. When it comes to the Dutch Bros Secret Menu, each drink item is more delicious than the last but in order to unlock it, you need to know what to ask for. Otherwise, it runs the risk of staying a secret forever…

Dutch Bros fans, are you ready to step up your coffee order? Keep reading for 45 Dutch Bros Secret Menu items.

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What is the Dutch Bros secret menu?

Menu items at Dutch Bros span everything from a Candy Cane Freeze during the holidays to their classic Dutch Bros Rebel Energy Drink and fun-flavored Frosts. But just in case the standard Dutch Bros menu fare isn’t enough to satisfy your taste buds, their secret menu unveils a whole new level of deliciousness.