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Do you want to have Chinese tonight, or Italian?” If a single could have a penny just about every time a person manufactured this assertion, then… you know the gist. But when this arrived up in a current evening meal conversation with friends, it struck me how there are these minimal locations that we talk of when it comes to foodstuff that we purchase. Have you at any time listened to another person inquire you to choose among, say, a Sri Lankan curry and a German schnitzel?

Of course, the argument to this is that cuisines these as Sri Lankan are what you’d mostly deem exotic in metropolitan circles. When I do agree, I realised at the exact time that it wasn’t extremely hard to locate meals from significantly less-explored places—all from the comfort and ease of your home in Delhi.

(L-R, standing) Nicole and
Kusuma Juneja

For occasion, the weekend after I moved to a new residence, East Delhi-primarily based residence chef and pal, Kartikeya Sinha, despatched me a parcel of comfort for all matters Indonesian. Interestingly while, it was not Nasi Goreng or Satay that a single would expect—this 1 was influenced from food that Sinha himself knowledgeable through his 5 a long time in Indonesia.

Sinha’s deal showcased Gulai Ayam (boneless chicken in a spicy coconut milk-dependent curry), Tumis Kangkung (morning glory stir-fried with garlic and chillies), Tempeh Kecap Manis (crispy tempeh with garlic, chillies and sweet soy sauce), Urap (a salad with steamed greens tossed with kaffir lime leaves, galangal and coconut), Nasi (steamed rice), and Sambal (spicy Indonesian chutney). For dessert, there was Kolak Pisang or sliced bananas simmered in coconut milk. 

It was a pretty change, and manufactured me imagine of what other cuisines I could consider in Delhi. This took me back to the time when Ruchira Hoon, who operates an eponymous residence food enterprise from her South Delhi home, made available a Sri Lankan food as a person of her specials about a 12 months ago. The latter has near hyperlinks to foods from the southern states of India, as perfectly as from the South-East Asian countries—and is nonetheless unique in its spices, textures, and style. 

A further equivalent giving is from Nitika Kuthiala, who also runs Pahadi Pattal, Noida. Kuthiala serves authentic Himachali cuisine, which offers a peek into her childhood and food that you would largely not discover in dining establishments in Himachal Pradesh by itself. 

Darjeeling-born mother-daughter duo, Kusuma and Nicole Juneja, serve home made Northeastern cuisine by means of their undertaking, Temper. While you’d locate the familiar momos and thukpa in their standard menus, you’d also discover influences of Bhutan—as properly as the colonial effects that the quaint North Bengal hill-town had—in their foodstuff.

What they provide highlights the experience of niche, regional, house-served meals. As Nicole aptly sums up, “What we prepare dinner is constantly about what my mother is in the mood to prepare dinner!”

Vernika Awal
is a food items author who is acknowledged for her research-based content by way of her site ‘Delectable Reveries’